In 1996 David Foot wrote the bestselling book, “Boom, Bust and Echo”, kicking off our ongoing fascination in Canada with the significance and impact of the Baby Boomer Generation on all our lives. Foot predicted how this demographic trend would change everything from the nature of work and employment, to education and health care - and so it has. Since then the boomer generation has been studied intensely from all angles, and many predictions have been made and realized, as the largest generation in history marches through its life cycle towards retirement and beyond. Experts say this transition will result in the inter-generational transfer of wealth totaling an estimated one trillion dollars.

A growing number of business owners are now facing this demographic reality and will at some point have to transition their business to new owners, due to retirement, illness, or a shift in personal priorities.  And yet research shows that the majority of business owners are not ready – and do not have a plan in place to ensure the successful transition of their business.

Ian and Stephen have formed exitRITE Planning Services specifically to assist business owners with their exit planning needs. Combining our expertise, many years of experience and a shared belief in delivering results, we ensure our clients get the advice and guidance they need to achieve their personal and business goals.

exitRITE is your short-term partner assisting small/medium business owners who are looking to exit their businesses within 2-5 years and are expressing concerns over the prospect of this change.  We take a holistic approach, helping business owners to: clarify personal and business goals, identify business issues needing to be addressed, and develop / implement the transition pathway to maximize the business value and achieve goals.  As part of our approach, we engage and collaborate with other professionals throughout the process as required, including Accountants, Financial Planners, Business Valuators, Lawyers and Business Brokers. 

Our unique consulting practice is dedicated exclusively to Exit Planning. We operate independently of any other professional firms to ensure the guidance we provide is always in the best interest of the client.  We bring simplicity and structure to an otherwise complex and disruptive process by overseeing all the key elements.  Ultimately, our goal is for our clients to achieve a successful, less stressful transition, while minimizing the cost of the entire process.