exitRITE Planning Services is the only independent consulting firm in Atlantic Canada dedicated exclusively to the exit planning needs of small business owners.

In 1996 David Foot wrote the bestselling book, “Boom, Bust and Echo”, kicking off an ongoing fascination in Canada with the significance and impact of the Baby Boomer Generation on all our lives. Foot predicted how this demographic trend would change everything from the nature of work and employment, to education and health care - and so it has. Since then the boomer generation has been studied intensely from all angles, and many predictions have been made and realized, as the largest generation in history marches through its life cycle towards retirement and beyond. Experts say this transition will result in the intergenerational transfer of wealth totaling an estimated one trillion dollars.

You may be one of the many business owners now facing this reality and will at some point have to transition your business to new owners, due to retirement, illness, or a shift in personal priorities.  And yet research shows that you may not have a plan in place, or even know where to start. That’s where we can help.

With our unique approach, exitRITE will be your navigator on the exit journey. We bring simplicity and structure to an otherwise complex and disruptive process, and help you achieve a successful, cost-effective transition, while minimizing the stress on you and your business.