Your business is your life's work

You have dedicated your life to building a business to be proud of. You took the risk, created value, and grew your company to what it is today. You supported your family, provided employment opportunities and gave back to important community causes. And now it's time to reap the benefits of your many years of hard work while protecting the legacy you've built.


Are you ready for what's next?

Getting ready to exit your business is not unlike preparing to sell your home. You want to maximize curb appeal by highlighting its best features and doing any necessary repairs and improvements. And the timing of the sale will be critical.

A recent study released by the Business Development Bank of Canada reveals that close to 60% of small and mid-sized business owners are aged 50 or older and 40% of entrepreneurs are likely to leave their businesses within the next five years. This demographic trend is leading to a mass exodus of entrepreneurs from business ownership, and the emergence of a “buyer’s market”. It’s more important than ever to ensure you and your business are prepared for the transition and well positioned to achieve your exit goals.


Where do you start?
Who will be your successor?
How much time will it take? 

That's where we come in

Transitioning out of your business is a journey full of twist and turns, unexpected obstacles, speed bumps and potholes. As Navigators we help you design and travel successfully through your own unique exit pathway, much like a Harbour Pilot guides the world’s largest containerships in and out of port, safely and efficiently. As your Navigator we bring simplicity and efficiency to a complex process. We help to mitigate the stress and risks that are inherent with exit transitions, enabling you to stay focused on the daily affairs of running your business during the transition.  A well coordinated exit plan will minimize the many costs of transition while protecting and maximizing the value of your business at sale.

There are a number of basic steps in any exit process:

exitRITE Pathway


The simplest route to the exit you want.

The exit process is a complex and disruptive journey. As your Navigator we:  

1. Assess your state of readiness for the journey

2. Identify next steps and what’s required to move forward - plot your exit pathway

3. identify risks along the pathway and chart a course around them

4. advise on how to prepare you and your business for the transition - to arrive safely at your destination

5. Coordinate the input of experts and specialists as required.

Expert Advice

We bring a combined 65 years of experience to our clients including business management, executive leadership and business consulting with advanced expertise in:

Change Management
Project Management
Business Strategy and Planning
Operational Analysis
Human Resource Management

Keep your future safe


Minimize cost



Protect your time



find your successor