Exit Readiness Assessment

The ownership transition process is unfamiliar ground for most owners. You may be hesitant to move forward with your retirement planning because you’re not sure where to begin, and lack the information you need to take the all-important first steps in the process. The sale of your business can be the most significant and disruptive event in your life, so it’s important to proceed with caution.

Seeking information and advice at this critical stage in your life is an important first step along your exit pathway, and understanding what lies ahead will give you the confidence to move forward.

The Exit Readiness Assessment is designed with this in mind, and will help you to:

  • Understand your state of readiness to sell or transition your business to a new owner or family member,

  • Identify the key personal and business opportunities and challenges that need to be addressed,

  • Enable you to move your plans forward confidently, with full control of the process.

How it works:

Based on your answers to a series of carefully designed questions, exitRITE professionals will diagnose your degree of readiness to sell and exit your business. Our findings are captured and explained in your Exit Readiness Scorecard, where we share our insights into how you can take those critical next steps, and what lies ahead. You will receive your Scorecard by email within 3 business days of submitting the completed questionnaire.  The Assessment is FREE and is held in the strictest confidence.

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