How we help

Selling a business is a once-in-a lifetime challenge. Thinking about selling or leaving your business can be overwhelming and can cause stress and anxiety. You may not know where to start or you may not have the time to take away from running your business to managing the transition. You may be worried about your legacy and the reputation of your business. If yours is a family business, you may be uncertain about the readiness of the next generation to assume control and be successful.

We will be your short-term partner to prepare you and your business for the transition.

By means of our five step exitRITE pathway we will work with you to identify any issues that need to be addressed, create a transition plan and then lead the implementation of that plan so you can exitRITE. At key milestones along the way we coordinate consultations with the professional experts whose advice will enhance your plan.


Clarify business and personal goals and objectives:

This first step is essential for setting a solid foundation for the PATHWAY. Through a series of interviews, questionnaires and consultations we explore and confirm your personal and business objectives. We gain an understanding of what’s important to you and your family, your priorities, and what a successful EXIT looks like for you.

This will set the stage for moving forward down the PATHWAY.



Conduct a “current state” analysis of your business and personal financial health:

Using a range of proven analytical tools and processes, we assess all the fundamental aspects of your business, identify strengths and weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. We identify critical areas needing attention and opportunities for growth.

We deliver a comprehensive Diagnostic Report, focusing on those issues that impact business valuation and personal financial needs, and seek your alignment before proceeding.



Prepare an Integrated Transition Plan to prepare for your EXIT from the business      

Your Integrated Transition Plan will address the critical areas needing attention and move you down the PATHWAY to achieve your personal and business goals.

We work with you to establish your Professional Advisory Team that will include experts such as your personal financial planner, accountant, and lawyer. We will coordinate the Team to ensure your plan is customized to your needs and objectives, aligns with your personal retirement planning and structures all aspect of the transition of your business, whether it be a sale to third party or a transfer of ownership to a family member.



Implement the Integrated Transition Plan

We lead, manage & coordinate the execution of all elements of your plan. You, your key Stakeholders and Advisors will all play a role in the implementation.

We will identify the options available for selling your business, helping you to select the business broker best suited to achieve your goals.



Support through the Transition of the business to new owners:

If your business is being transitioned to family members, or current management, we can support the new owners ensure the transition is off to a good start. This would include business coaching or advisory services.   


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
— Benjamin Franklyn